Style, because your personality isn't the first thing they see.

Style, because your personality isn’t the first thing they see…...  

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Shawna has been my personal fashion stylist for speaking engagements, award ceremonies and talk show appearances for nearly 3 years and she exceeds my expectations for every event. She goes above and beyond to ensure her clients receive quality service and consistently invests in her own personal and professional development to stay ahead of the fashion curve. I highly recommend Shawna Solomon for all of your stylist needs. ~ Sharise N.

She truly has a vision for her clients that they potentially don’t see for themselves and when it comes alive it’s life-changing.

~ Kimberly F.

Shawna is amazing at what she does. She's prompt, courteous and really takes the time to understand your needs. I've used her services multiple times and have always been satisfied. ~ Kyshira M

Her apparel is true quality....not only that but the time and effort she puts into her looks and styling you. She made you feel loved and not just wasting your money. I said I needed a bday outfit for my 30th, told her my favorite color and right away she was sending me stuff that made my eyes light up. Never have I EVER had someone that devoted to finding me the perfect bday outfit. And it was a HIT!!! I STILL again have all the pieces to this day. Literally, every time I walk into one of her stores I do not walk out empty-handed. Lol. AND THEY LAST!!! Great quality material and even just the shopping experience is like no other. It's a wonderful stressfree even can sip while you shop if you want to. If you're looking for your next gala, bday, valentines, anniversary, night on the town, girls night out, business conference, awards show, etc. outfit... ~ Gabrielle W 

I first met Shawna at a trunk party she did at my stylist Jai Proctor salon I left that day with 4 or 5 pieces and have been shopping with her since Shawna knows my style she is always spot on when she says get this or that it will look good on you. Every time I wear any of her clothing I get complemented out the wazoo She is the truth 100% ~ Robin

Shawna's eye for what looks good on me is always spot on.~ Carleen K

Professional, classy and always ready to slay someone with fashion ~ Lisa B

Shawna is super amazing!! I met her at the Hustle HER Way Summit 2018. I went to her session, and it blew me away! I then went to an event that she hosted and was sold after that. She styled me for my photo shoot, and at first, I really wasn't too sure because she was taking me out of my comfort zone, but when it came time for the shoot I was soooo blown away!!! She had me looking flawless!!! I am forever a client!! Not to mention she is super down to earth and will be straight up & honest with you! Check her out, you will not regret it!!! ~ Deasha C. 

I faithfully pull wardrobe for my Celebrity Clients from Shawnas Boutique. Shawna (the Owner) is the Best!

~ Darnayle H

Shawna is professional and personable and she offered me a glass of wine too! She made me feel like the queen I am, again! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ~Schemaria S